Review Of the Gucci Princetown Slippers

So, I have had these beauties for a few months now and I thought I would do a quick review on them for those who may be interested in purchasing. I didn't buy them from a Gucci store, I ordered them online as I do not have a Gucci store near to where I live. … Continue reading Review Of the Gucci Princetown Slippers

Hai 🤘🏻

The idea of creating a blog page seemed so much simpler in my mind. I assumed it was an easy and joyful process and I would start writing my randomness in an upbeat and an excited way. I am now officially irritated to the high heavens and now left wondering what I've let myself in … Continue reading Hai 🤘🏻


The Chanel WOC is one of my favourite bags in my designer collection. At the time of purchase I actually bought two. One in lambskin and one in Caviar but both black. It was my very first Chanel purchase and as much as I researched the different leathers I still didn't know wether to go … Continue reading CHANEL WOC BAG Review

CHANEL Jumbo Classic Flap Bag Review

Never in a million years did I ever think I would own a Chanel bag let alone the classic flap but here we are and heres my review. I went to Chanel Bond street in London for the very first time and made a massive decision to add this beauty of a bag to my … Continue reading CHANEL Jumbo Classic Flap Bag Review

My World and Mental Health

I thought I would write a blog about mental health; the effects it has had on me and how common it is in today's society.    So lets start with the facts; one in four of us will suffer from a mental health disorder in our lifetime and currently there are approximately 450 million people … Continue reading My World and Mental Health