The Chanel WOC is one of my favourite bags in my designer collection. At the time of purchase I actually bought two. One in lambskin and one in Caviar but both black. It was my very first Chanel purchase and as much as I researched the different leathers I still didn’t know wether to go with my head or heart.

As you can see the lambskin has a very shiny smooth appearance whereas caviar is more textured. I chose gold hardware as that is my preference but it also comes in silver as well. They had many styles and colours but for my first Chanel i wanted to stick to the classic black and gold.

I am 5ft 7 and I find the chain length to be very long even on my frame. I do wear this bag crossbody and in the winter over a chunky coat is falls just above my hip. Now its summer and Im wearing light dresses I have to cross over the chain on the inside of the bag to make it shorter. It’s very easy to do this.

After a couple of weeks of debating which one I should keep I decided to go with my heart and I chose the lambskin over the caviar. The lambskin is so luxurious but I was scared of the delicate leather. I do not regret my choice at all. Yes I do baby my bag, I look after it, I don’t throw it around and I wipe it down after every use with a handbag spa spray.

It isn’t as delicate as some people make it out to be. It does get surface scratches quite easily, especially if you have long nails etc but majority of scratches will come out from massaging your finger over it. If the Chanel WOC is going to be your everyday bag then perhaps the caviar would be your best choice as caviar is more robust and you wouldn’t have to baby it as much.

So, it terms of what I can fit in here, mainly my phone, a house key, a lipgloss or two and some chewing gum is pretty much all I can fit comfortably without over stretching the bag. There are a lot of card slots so you don’t need to carry a card holder and a wallet definitely would not fit.

Overall, do I recommend this?

Yes.. I absolutely love this little bag so much. I love being hands free so a small crossbody bag is perfect for me.

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