A Review of Hermes Oran Sandals

So summer is fast approaching and we are all thinking about our choice of footwear for the season. This is my first ever Hermes purchase and we all know this brand comes with a hefty price tag so I didn’t make my decision lightly. In fact I had been looking ( well, drooling ) at them on instagram for the last couple of years. I always new I would finally invest in some and well, now was the time.

After stalking Hermes website daily and sometimes every few hours ( yes thats determination ) my size in the gold came back in stock..

Im not really sure to as why they describe this colour as ‘gold’. The true colour of these sandals is a tan. This style of sandal comes in various colours, fabrics and even patterns. I chose the classic colour as I felt that these were timeless and a great addition to a summer capsule wardrobe.

Obviously you do not need to spend £490 on a pair of designer sandals. The high street have some amazing quality sandals and I will link a pair of my favourite affordable dupe down below.

If you have decided that a pair of Hermes Oran Sandals are for you then I cannot recommend them enough. I find them to be extremely comfortable and the leather softened after a couple of wears. I have quite wide feet and i’m a true UK 6.5. I do find that a lot of designer shoes do tend to run big but not in this case. The 6.5 fits me perfectly.

So as far as wear and tear, I generally take care of my designer purchases really well. I store them in my box after every use. The bottoms of the sandals do look quite worn already and I am a little afraid of scuffing around the the shoe itself. I am going to be taking my shoes to a local Timpsons to have a rubber sole put on the bottoms just so it offers a little more protection to the shoe and leather. Its definitely worth doing to keep your shoes looking the best for as long as possible.

Left to Right – Chanel lamb WOC , Hermes Oran Sandals, Saint laurent envelope bag, Saint laurent Tribute Sandals

So that is pretty much my review on the Hermes Oran sandals. 100% recommend them. So stylish, comfortable and a great first purchase into Hermes. Let me know your thoughts.

Love, Anna

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