Welcome to My Blog 🤘🏻

The idea of creating a blog page seemed so much simpler in my mind. I assumed it was an easy and joyful process and I would start writing my randomness in an upbeat and an excited way. I am now officially irritated to the high heavens and now left wondering what I’ve let myself in for.

I have always enjoyed writing from a young age but the thought of starting my own blog never really occurred to me. I guess in my mind I thought who on earth would actually want to waste their time reading my tripe. But, here I am and this is me. Anna. A 30 something Cornish girl who spends most of her time having to be subjected to the likes of Peppa Pig, of which my 21 month old son has to continually watch. Now this may sound really exciting and I know some of you must be really jealous of this fact  but after a while I really need to fire up the neurons in my brain and do something intellectual before I go completely insane.

I wasn’t always a full-time children’s TV expert. I did have a rather stressful and demanding occupation which usually left me quite frazzled most of the time. I do not miss this however nothing prepares you for the massive shift of loneliness and pure boredom that motherhood offers. As much as I love being with my son and he is gorgeous; I do quite often find myself having a one way conversation because I do not speak Danny’s unique language. They say talking to yourself is a sign of madness. Well, I am well and truly there.

So, you may be wondering what kind of content you will get from me. Well, I thrive on humour as this is what gets me through the day. I am a girl who loves makeup so I probably will blab on about my favourite products; I also enjoy fashion however I do not have the Vogue fashion bible and I certainly have not invested in a bloody basket bag just because it has been in trend this summer. I keep it real and have my own taste and if it falls in line whats on the catwalk then bonus!

Travelling and exploring is in my blood. I never want to stop. In fact if I didn’t have children I would probably be off exploring the West Coast of America right now; But, hey ho. Such is life.  I do occasionally get the luxury of leaving Cornwall and I pretty much do a leaving dance as soon as I hit the M5. Freedom. I am not a fan of Cornwall which may be a shock to hear. Yes it is beautiful and quaint and serene.. But it rains 95% of the time. If you are a member of the National Trust you will love it here but I cannot understand why anyone would want to pay a yearly fee to look at plants. Yes, plants. Go to a garden centre. It’s free!  Maybe when I hit my 50’s I will mature and see nature in a completely different way.

Music is in my soul. I could not live without it. Two positives of Cornwall is the Eden Sessions at The Eden Project and Board masters Festival @ Newquay. I went to the Eden project this summer to watch QOTSA ( Queens Of The Stone Age ). It was absolutely awesome but the joys of parenthood meant i had to leave early before they had actually finished their set so I could relieve my babysitter. Ugh. Board masters festival is in less than two weeks and I have Saturday tickets. Hopefully my babysitter can stay awake longer than 11pm as I am not leaving Newquay without watching The Chemical Brothers full set. I do not care if it is pouring down with rain because lets face it, it probably will because its Cornwall.

Well, my first blog post is getting quite long. I am actually not sure what is the ‘standard’ length of post but I guess I have a lot of learning to do especially when it comes to creating my page. It’s going to require a lot of patience which I do not have so I will dose myself up with diazepam and a Camomile tea before attempting to figure out how on earth I can create a personalised ‘me’ space.

Thanks guys to those who made it this far. As Arnie says, “I’ll be back.”


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